Sometimes Industrial Design may be thought to be only confined to the design of a service or product. However it is a mixture of both art and science. It is a study to improve the aesthetics and usability of a product. The focus is placed on the improvement of the production process and the marketability of products that are mass produced. Issues that are dealt with in the Industrial Design process are branding, usability, packaging, design and the marketing of the product or service through the creation and execution of solutions or processes.

The Industrial Designers Role

There are many traits that an Industrial Designer should posses. These include but are not limited to them having a set of qualities of arts and science, the ability to realise the relationship of a product and the end user and to be able to understand the production process and appreciate how value is added to a product at each stage of this process. Since Industrial Design is intended to benefit both the manufacturer and the end user it is crucial that the Industrial Designer has all of the qualities listed.

The Process

Industrial design is a creative process rather than a mechanical one. There is no single approach that can be advised to take. However combinations of scientific and creative methods are used. Some of the processes that may be involved include:-

a) Research & Analysis of the user
b) Study of the comparison of related products
c) Creation of sample products
d) Evaluation of the product

Additional processes are also covered such as ergonomics, raw materials, production, the location of production and the psychological responses to the product of the end user.

There are many companies in Cyprus that offer various Industrial Design services across various industries such as medicine, sports, banking and communications.