Assembly automation technology is continuously being researched, refined, designed and developed due to the increasing demand for higher productivity by the Cypriot industry. Today’s automated assembly machines are designed to give flexibility and effective quality control monitoring.

Assembly automation is directed to keep up with new developments and advancements to ensure that it is valuable to managers and engineers who manage and design these systems for various industries across the globe.

To ensure a better quality, minimum operating costs and faster production, new innovations are constantly being developed. The assembly automation process includes but is not limited to the following systems:-

1) Compliant mechanisms and parts
2) Artificial intelligence for construction
3) Inspection, design and machine vision for construction
4) Rapid sample and robot assembly locations
5) Manufacturing control

A manufacturing company can be given the upper hand over its competitors by investing in assembly automation process technologies. However these investments are not without risk. A lot of thought and consideration is required to ensure that the company selects the automation provider and technology that can best convert their investment into a profit.